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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Some types of dissent are more equal than others

Today's article by Dennis Prager sums up nicely the feelings of alot of conservatives who have endured (rightly or wrongly) 8 years of mindless slogans from the left hurled at George W. Bush when there was real, legitimate criticism to be found. Who can forget the leftist mantra "Dissent is Patriotic"?
"another popular liberal bumper sticker proclaims, "War Is not the Answer." It, too, is completely meaningless. If the question is, "What is the square root of 8?" war is not the answer. But if the question is "How do you stop genocidal regimes?" war probably is the answer..... As concerns "Dissent is Patriotic," the fact is that dissent is neither patriotic nor unpatriotic. Sometimes it is one, sometimes the other, sometimes it has nothing to do with patriotism. The right to dissent is a basic American value. But that is not what the bumper sticker says...The worst part of the liberal mantra "Dissent is Patriotic," however, is not that is meaningless. It is that it is apparently meant solely to defend liberal and left dissent. Dissent against the right is inherently patriotic."
In addition to Speaker Pelosi's recent comparison of town hall protestors to Nazis, the latest faux pas by the left is the father of a handicapped child who claimed he was threatened after a confrontation with Rep. Dingell. This is fast becoming a nightmare and the sheer speed in which the "Nazi" and "Fascist" cards are being played by people who have a fundamental misunderstanding of both concepts is indicative of the desperation that they are facing.

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