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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The question no one asks

It's the title of today's article by Mychal Massie. Today's installment from Massie raises the following, among other points....

"It's bad enough that Obama claims belief in the God of Christianity while advocating the wholesale slaughter of the unborn. It's bad enough that he has misquoted and twisted scripture for his own narcissistic ends, but now, he has exited his adytum with the idea of using liberalism masked as Christianity to bludgeon the opposition into submission by painting them as insensitive, and if necessary, as racist. For a president to make tools of those whom he, as a self-professed Christian should in no way encourage, bespeaks of his narcissistic character. It's all about him and what he wants – and to that end, he will do anything to attain it."
Click on the link to read the cited article to see what the actual "question" is that is mentioned in the article's title (OK, it has to do with healthcare). I have linked Massie's archive over to the right of this page and I encourage anyone that likes this article to check out his other work as well.

EDIT: Today's article by Thomas Sowell is just as good....
"While it is true that black mothers get less prenatal care than white mothers and have higher infant mortality rates, it is also true that women of Mexican ancestry also get less prenatal care than white women and yet have lower infant mortality rates than white women. But, once people with the prevailing social vision see the first set of facts, they seldom look for any other facts that might go against the explanation that fits their vision of the world."
To read the entire article click here

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